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The new birthday party box that is saving parents everywhere time and effort.

   Feb 15 by Lisa M. 

Moms are talking about Kiddo's simply cool approach to childrens' parties

Taking care of everything for a birthday party adds a lot to your To Do list. With logistics, budgeting and theme coordination, event planning can feel like a full time job. There's a lot to think about and just as much running around to do.

Over 26% of parents reported to that they spend more than $500 on their child's first birthday. That's just money spent but when you factor in time and mental fatigue, the cost of a party is even higher. In addition to that, reported in 2019 that the national average for common event planning services runs from $500 - $750 per event.

As mom's we want our parties to be memorable and we want our guests and baby to have fun, especially for a first birthday! But we don't always have time to iron out the details or the money to pay for a costly event planner.

There wasn't a good solution for parents until Kiddo came along!

Kiddo offers adorable celebrations. One box with everything you need gets delivered to your door
. The party includes tableware, decorations and even accessories to help with set up. You don't need to think about matching plates or worry about finding a cake topper because that comes in your Kiddo party.


Moms love Kiddo because they can stop sacrificing time and overspending to create stylish and fun birthday parties.

The Blue Party is the perfect box for
your baby boy's first birthday


Moms that party with Kiddo

Kiddo Is No Ordinary Party Pack

Ordinary party packs don't offer the amazing extras that Kiddo does, like the shiny crown in the Blue Party! Glassine treat bags, and command hooks for easy decorating all come in Kiddo parties.

Even If you manage to hunt down some sort of birthday package that looks nice enough, it's usually full of plastic cutlery and foil materials that are bad for the environment. That's where Kiddo is different. Kiddo uses wooden utensils, paper straws and includes options like blue twine instead of plastic ribbon.

Create a classic and cute first birthday party with the Blue Birthday Bash

Accessories to decorate
Fun novelty items
Better materials

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Inspire your kiddo and simplify your planning




Kiddo aims to motivate children through joyful experiences and believes that those experiences should be easy for parents to find and plan.