Parents are spending increasing amounts of money on children's birthday parties. Images on social media of lavish events are everywhere. You don't have to dig deep to find catered kids parties with 3 tier cakes and elaborate decorations. reported that at least 26% of parents are spending upward of $500 on a baby's first birthday. Let's face it. This all equals more pressure on us, the parents!

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to simplify the party process? Where everything that you needed would show up at your door and a theme was already put together. You wouldn't have to think twice about matching decorations or remembering everything on the list. And wouldn't it be cool if it was a great price but actually good too?

You're not alone! Children's birthday parties can take a lot of time and effort. We all want them to be great and we want our kids and guests to be happy! But in between naps, cleaning, work, family-care and self-care (ha) planning a party can add a lot to the to do list.

Here's 4 quick ways to simplify a children's birthday party without over the top spending.

Manage expectations

if your child's of the age where they want to